In-Person Cooking Classes Offered

With the pace of life today, it makes sense to meal prep in advance so dinner is ready to go whenever you need it. Freezer Meal Prep class is designed to help guests prepare 5 entrees for the freezer ready to be pulled out and cooked when the time is right. Entrees are ready to go for the grill, crock pot or instant pot. A new seasonal menu is posted each month. How does it work? Guests purchase their own cuts of meat and Julie’s Table supplies the rest of the ingredients for each recipe. Meals are assembled at Julie’s Table and the mess stays there- even better! Learn food prep skills, and have fun with other cooks at the same time.

This class features fresh, seasonal vegetables from Halfmann Farms and other local farmers and homemade salad dressings. Menu and vegetables change seasonally. Guests will brush up on knife skills, learn homemade mayonnaise and vinaigrette. Includes salad tasting meal.

Making homemade pasta is easier than you might think, and is a fun activity for friends or couples. In this class you will learn a basic pasta dough recipe and create delicious homemade ravioli and skillet marinara sauce. Includes a tasting meal.

This is the class for you if you’ve always wanted the confidence to prepare your own homemade breads, including cinnamon rolls and artisan bread. Class will feature two different yeast-bread recipes and guests will take home a pan of cinnamon rolls for their family.

Join this class to learn a great pie crust recipe that’s easy and versatile and conquer your fear of pie crust. Learn a fail-proof meringue and go home with a fresh baked pie in your hands.

If you own a pressure cooker that is sitting in the box and you want to learn to use it, this is the class for you! Guests will bring their own pressure cooker to the class and learn to use it to prepare a variety of recipes. Receive one-on-one instruction that takes the fear out of cooking with InstantPot. Leave with a pot of delicious, three-cheese macaroni.

Private Classes

Customize a private class for your group. Contact Julie directly for more details.