Cooking Class

Set a Holiday Intention

All of a sudden, the holidays are upon us! I walked into a store yesterday and was assaulted by their Christmas displays. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for that yet, although in years past I have been. I’m not in that space this year. This year I just want to be with my family and friends around my table or fireplace. The centerpiece of my kitchen is a five-foot round table where my family and guests gather to share food. There’s something magical about sitting at a round table, with everyone’s place at the table being equal.

“You’re so Extra!”

When I was in the classroom my high school students would frequently say, “You’re so extra, Mrs. Halfmann”, meaning my expectations for their work, my enthusiasm for a job well done, my general outlook on life. I took it as a compliment and I definitely own it- I AM extra!