Gifts for the Cook

My annual list of gifts for the cook includes items small enough to stuff in a stocking or big enough to be a special splurge gift. You’ll see some patterns among the recommendations- I love Oxo brand and Kitchen Aid, and I believe quality counts.

I’m listing and linking  kitchen gadgets I frequently recommend to guests at Julie’s Table classes (I am not an affiliate, so I am not paid from these recommendations.) With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales happening, it should be easy to pick these items up.  If you do happen to shop in person, you may be able to find some of the stocking stuffer ideas in the check out line of Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  Some items are a repeat, but I’ve written other posts about this subject which I’m linking here if you want more suggestions.

 Stocking Stuffers

Spatulas- Both metal and rubber (silicone) spatulas make it into our stockings. For the baker I recommend the Oxo Stainless Flexible Turner for removing cookies from the pan. The Oxo Silicone Spatula is another favorite.  A super handy size is the mini silicone spatula set, and you can break it up between 4 stockings.

Whisk– You can never have too many whisks, in my opinion, and since they come is many sizes it’s a fun gift. I’d recommend sticking to stainless steel ones.

Tongs– The same could be said for tongs, and I especially like a shorter one like this 9″ Oxo comfort grip pair.

Instant read thermometer– When cooking meat, having an instant read thermometer to check internal temperature is essential.

Silicone corks for wine- An effective system for keeping wine fresh which uses a pump to vaccum seal a silicone cork in the wine bottle.

Cookie scoops– If you’ve never used a cookie scoop to portion out cookie dough, you will love the easy, uniformity, and results you’ll achieve when using one.

Instant pot accessories– If a person in your life has an InstantPot, some accessories would be nice. This silicone trivet with handles is so handy for cooking hard-boiled eggs, pot-on-pot cooking, or holding a basket for steaming vegetables. 

Garlic lovers- Using fresh garlic in a recipe makes a big difference. Guests of Julie’s Table love peeling cloves with this garlic peeler and I believe everyone needs a quality garlic press.

Ground Meat Chopper– If you know Pampered Chef consultant you can order this from them or get this Oxo-brand  from Amazon. One of my friends texted me that it was a “game changer” after using it for the first time.





Immersion blender–  Useful for blending the “wet” ingredients before combining with the “dry”; making sauces or creamy soups; homemade mayo; baby food. I love the Kitchen Aid brand and you should watch for price drops at Target and Walmart for this appliance.

Food processor– Those who have been to one of my classes know that I recommend buying cheese in blocks and grating your own, so that is one of the main things I use a food processor for, but it is useful for some many things. I have a Kitchen Aid, but also like Cuisinart brand.

Instant pot– I love my InstantPot and highly recommend it!  Many stores are running special prices on these! Shameless plug- I teach an InstantPot class after the holidays for everyone who wants to learn to use their pot.

Pasta attachments for the Kitchen Aid mixer- If your cook is interested in making their own pasta, this attachment set it perfect!

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer- I consider this a must for anyone who loves to bake, and there are some terrific sale prices right now- check out Target and Walmart. I’m linking the professional series for any serious baker.

Misen cookware- The small company makes such high quality cookware, and I have been so happy with the set I bought for my kitchen that I gave my son one when he moved for his first job post-college. They also make quality knives, so either would be wonderful items for the cook in your life.