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Conquer fear: Using your InstantPot

Is your InstantPot sitting in the box because you are scared to try it?


Take my advice-  Ignore all the buttons and focus on the Manual button, then

Adjust the pre-programmed time using the plus (+) and minus (-) signs.

I know there are a lot of fancy settings and buttons on your pot, and there is plenty of time to explore all of the other things it can do, but to get started, zero in on using the manual button and adjusting the pre-set times. You’ll be cooking with your pot in no time and be over the fear of it and ready to experiment with all of the other features. Or not. Either way using the IP is a game changer in so many ways.

I love my instant pot. My family doesn’t eat a lot of one-pot meals so I don’t use it often for that type of cooking.

I love it for taking some of the time, mess, and watchfulness needed in traditional stove-top cooking. Take boiling potatoes on the stove, for example. Who hasn’t had the pot overflow to create a sticky, starchy, stinky mess on the stove? 

One of the best parts of the InstantPot for me is the hands-off aspect of cooking. I love using it for side dishes to go with an entree I’m preparing. It frees up mental space so I don’t have to worry about tha side dish bubbling over on the stove and can turn my attention to something else. Here are 4 other things to keep in mind:

  •  Always add 1 cup of water (minimum) or other liquid in the bottom of the liner pot.
  •  Understand natural pressure release and quick pressure release.
    Natural Pressure Release allows the pot to slowly drop the pressure before opening the steam vent and the lid. I use this with meat and chicken. It usually takes 10-15 minutes for the pressure to release “naturally”, but always open the steam vent to make sure. If the pressure is not all the way gone, a little steam will come out of the vent and you won’t be able to open the lid until it’s zeroed out and the pressure pin has dropped.  Quick Pressure Release is immediately releasing the pressure vent once the timer has sounded. This is the part that scares most people and at my classes I will hold your hand while we open the vent together. Expect a lot of steam to shoot out of the vent and for that reason, make sure the pot is not sitting underneath a cabinet.
  • Unsealing tips- don’t cross the top of the vent when releasing the steam because steam burns! Use the hand on the side that the vent will open.
  • Check the silicone ring before starting. Inside the pot there is a silicone ring that helps the pot to seal. It can be removed to be cleaned and if your pot holds onto smells, it’s likely that some of the spices have seeped into this ring. Always check your silicone ring to make sure it’s in place before attempting to close the lid. Sometimes it gets a little bit wonky and the lid won’t sit right.

Taking action builds courage.  In other words, trying something new can be scary but if you go ahead and take action, you will build up your courage and feel braver. Then, keep taking action and pretty soon you will forget you were ever scared of your InstantPot.

 I’ve created a class to teach you to use your own InstantPot.  In just two hours you will learn where the buttons are and how to use them, how to release the pressure and several delicious and easy recipes that you can start using right away. You will even make a delicious pot of Mac and Cheese and take it home! Check out the schedule of upcoming classes by visiting, and come to the table!

Blessings! Julie