Menu Planning (Squares)

Do you struggle with knowing what’s for dinner? Or feel so overwhelmed with all the things that fixing food for the family is an afterthought, so take out is easier? I had this conversation with friends recently about how real the struggle is, not to be cliche, but it’s the truth! What’s needed are some strategies, so I thought I’d share mine.

Rather than plan 7 days of meals, I decide  on 5 entrees (and sides that go with) that I want to fix for supper with the family. The evening meal is when we are all together so it’s the one I focus on.  I know that, realistically, there are going to be a couple of nights that we just eat leftovers, or happen to eat out, so 5 is an easier number for me. I also like to have options, so I make sure I have the ingredients to make these 5 meals, but for the most part, I don’t decide which nights we are eating what. I let the mood or the schedule dictate the order of the menu.

I’m going to be focusing on meal planning in a couple of future blog posts but just wanted to get the idea out to you to start thinking about. I’m also super excited to introduce you to my newest resource- Meal Planning Squares. I’m going to have it available to download on my website soon, but I’ll be getting started with it this week at my new Meal Prep class.

At the Meal Prep class, you’ll have the chance to prep a couple of entrees and a few sides, and plan your week using the Menu Planning Squares resource. After signing up for the class, you’ll receive a grocery list for the items you need to bring to prep.  I hope you’ll check it out!

Also, check in with Halfmann Farms for the email sign-up form to be in line to receive the free Meal Planning Squares printable! You’ll also be the first to know about upcoming classes and events at Julie’s Table by email.  Come to the Table! 


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