Gifts for the people on your list who love to cook

Gifts for the Cook

I’ve got 20 suggestions for all the people on your list who love to cook.  Guests at Julie’s Table often find a gadget or two that they love using in class, so I put together a list of kitchen gadgets that would make fun little gifts. I’ve tried to keep them in the under $10 range – perfect for a stocking or basket. I’ve also included a couple of splurge-worthy gifts that I know they would love.

1. Garlic Peeler – We use a lot of garlic during class and using this little silicone tube makes peeling cloves quick and easy!

2. Garlic Press – A garlic press is indispensable for getting fresh garlic squeezed into recipes. I love this one from Oxo because it has a reversible cleanout setting.

3. Dough Scraper – This is a multipurpose tool for scraping up dough, cutting all kinds of things, transferring cookies from board to pan, and more.

4. Stainless Steel Egg – After chopping onions, using this magic stainless steel egg on your hands takes away the onion smell- amazing!

5. Rubber Scrapers – Similar to the dough scraper, but these are flexible, so they serve almost like an extension of your hand to scrape batter out of bowls, to scrape up vegetables from the chopping block, and more!

6. Kitchen Twine – Lots of uses for kitchen twine, but I use it most frequently when roasting a chicken or turkey to tie up the legs and hold the onion and herbs inside.

7. Oxo Silicone Spatulas – I love these spatulas because they do everything from scraping batter in a bowl to scrambling eggs and they are heat proof so you can use them on the stove!

8. Mesh Dish rags– My new favorite for washing dishes- bye bye stinky dish cloths!

9. Mudpie Salt and Pepper – I just love anything by Mudpie, but these salt and pepper cellars especially, because they just sit beside my stove for effortless seasoning while I cook. They are so cute, too!

10. Oxo Pepper Grinder – We’ve had many pepper grinders over the years, but this simple little grinder from Oxo has held up better than all of them. Love fresh ground pepper!

11. Pastry Rolling Cutter – I’ve always used this tool for making a lattice on pies and cobblers, but recently when I learned to make homemade pasta I found a new use for it- I can cut out ravioli in no time!

12. Pastry Blender Oxo – I teach a pie class pretty often and guests usually admit that they don’t even own a pastry blender. This one is really good!

13. Flexible Cutting Mats – I really like using these durable cutting mats for chopping on, then transferring to a pot I have cooking on the stove. Plus they can be used anywhere and go in the dishwasher.

14. Prep Bowls – When you watch a cooking show and they have everything chopped and measured into little bowls- that’s “mis en place” and it makes actually putting the dish together so much easier. These little glass bowls work perfectly!

15. Electric Knife Sharpener – Not a stocking stuffer, but a fairly inexpensive knife sharpener that will keep your knives in good shape. Easy to use, too!

16. Microplane Zester Grater, so many uses, but I love it for zesting lemon and grating nutmeg!

17. Splurge gift-  Motion-sensor Kitchen Faucet-, from around $169 on Amazon and up depending on the brand. I got one this year and I can’t imagine ever being without it!! I Love it!

18. Instant Pot-   another gadget that I’ve had for a few year now and cannot imagine living without! It makes food prep so easy and fast and gets us to dinner faster. True confession- I have three, but I use them in class, so that’s my excuse. But really, I’d suggest having two. Another plus- they all have a slow cooker function, so you can put the crock pot away. You should be able to pick these up on special sales for around $70.

19. Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender– This is a whiz-bang gizmo that any cook would love. I use it to make homemade mayo, pudding, fillings- lots of stuff!!

20. Super Splurge Gift- Kitchen Aid Mixer– A kitchen Aid stand mixer should last a lifetime and is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. There are lots of attachments that expand the uses of the mixer, too.

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