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Cooking Classes Offered:

Freezer Meal Class

Freezer Meal class is a 5-hour meal prep class in which guests will prepare 7entree recipes for the freezer. Meals are ready to go for the grill, crock pot or instant pot and the mess stays at Julie’s Table.  New, seasonal menu each month. Guests bring their own cuts of meat and Julie’s Table supplies the rest.

Skills learned: knife skills, mis en place, marinades, rubs/spices, instant pot cooking.

$60 per person

Instant Pot Class

Learn what a game changer this appliance can be and get over the fear of using it! Menus provided and a grocery list of meats needed for the entrees.

$50 per person

Private Classes

Design your own class with your group of up to 8 friends. Select from one of our classes or work with Julie to create your own.

$50 per person

Salads Class

This class is perfect for the person who enjoys having fresh salads and wants to feel more confident in their knife skills, is looking for new salad ideas, or attempting to eat healthier. This class features fresh-picked vegetables and homemade salad dressings. Menu and vegetables change seasonally. Includes salad tasting meal.

Skills learned: knife skills, dressings/emulsions, herbs/spices, pressure cooker

$25 per person

Pie Class

Join this class to learn a great pie crust recipe that’s easy and versatile and go home with a fresh baked pie in your hands. A light tasting lunch showcases the versatility of pie crust as we enjoy quiche and a fresh garden vegetable salad. Includes tasting meal.

Skills learned: basic pastry, double crust pie, finishing single crust pie

$25 per person

Home Cooking Class

Wish you’d paid more attention when mom cooked?  This class is for those longing for home-cooked foods we all grew up with- pot roast, roast chicken, and chicken-fry. Generous tasting portions provided.

Skills learned: braising, frying, knife skills, instant pot, deglazing a pan and gravy basics.

$50 per person

Chef’s Choice

Looking for something different to do for date night? This fun, two-hour class features a seasonal menu and farm-fresh produce. Upcoming series will feature a dinner menu from a spotlight cookbook. Includes one cocktail hearty tasting menu.

$50 per person

Breads Class

This class features two different yeast bread recipes along with the confidence to prepare your own homemade breads, including cinnamon rolls and artisan bread. Generous tastings provided.

$25 per person

Mom and Me

This class is designed to bring mom and kids together in the kitchen and features recipes that teach essential cooking skills for kids who have an budding culinary interest. Perfect activity to share seasonal recipes together. Ideal for preschool through elementary children and parents.  Bake some deliciousness to share with others!

$40 per person

Pasta Class

Making homemade pasta is easier than you might think, and is a fun activity for friends or couples. In this class you will learn a basic pasta dough recipe and create delicious homemade ravioli. Includes a tasting meal.

$50 per person